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We offer high-performance solutions in RF/microwave & microelectronics wave components and sub systems for use in commercial, defense, and space applications.  We give special attention to each customer’s unique requirements, our Design Team  have extensive experience with both active and passive RF/microwave component design, fabrication and provide comprehensive integrated system’s solutions.  We have designed products with both lumped-element and micro-strip distributed element utilizing both discrete printed circuit board and chip and wire thin-film technology.  By using the latest computer-aided design software and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to rapidly evaluate new ideas and design concepts to provide the customer with quick turnaround time and greater design flexibility.

Building on Proficiency, Excellence and Proven Competence in:

  • Customized Development and Manufacture of Microwave components and Subsystems upto Ku Band
    • Expertise in RF-PCB, MIC, MMIC, RFIC & LTCC implementation Technologies
    • Utilize the most accessible technologies to achieve business goals
    • Providing professional consulting services and operational support
    • Offer competitive prices through supplier chain management & process control
    • Production FLEXIBILITY without loss in performance…
  • Access to Best in Class ECOSYSTEM
    • RF-PCB Fabrication
    • Semiconductor Packaging Assembly and Housing
    • Test and Qualification per QML (V) and (S)
  • Target Applications -RADAR, SDR/MILCOM, SATCOM, EW/ELINT
  • Flexible Engagement Modes from Specification to Gerber/DXF/GDSII or Product
  • Simulation, Design Validation and Analysis Services for System and Circuit level Designs using the following in house CAD tools :
    • AWR Corp :  Microwave Office (MWO), AXIEM, ANALYST & Visual System Simulator (VSS)
    • Sonnet em Suite : High Frequency 3D Planar Electromagnetic Simulator
    • Modelethics:  Passive / Active Model Characterization for RF and Microwave